Hallo! I'm
Amelieke Renae Slot.

I graduated as a Speech and Language pathologist in the Netherlands.
I see myself as someone that’s creative and I’m always interested to learn more about the subjects around Speech and Language pathology.
This is why I’m currently studying for my master’s degree in Neurolinguistics.
I love a challenge. During my bachelor I went to Vietnam for an internship.
During this internship I provided speech and language services to children in English.
I have experience with children from a lot of different backgrounds.
Therefore, I’m not only working as a Dutch speech and language pathologist, but I also work in English.

My experience abroad has taught me how valuable it is for someone to be able to seek for
speech and language services.
I’m really motivated to help everyone with communication, language or speech difficulties and to provide them with care that they need.
Every person is different. I see this as a challenge to provide them with the care that really fits with their difficulties.
Thanks to TinyEYE, I can make speech and language therapy possible for everyone. It doesn’t matter what kind of therapy you need, which age you are or where you live!

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