Hallo! I'm
Simone Brink.

Communication plays a vital role in our daily life. The day starts with it and we end the day with it. For many people this is automatic, but what happens when this is not the case? By combining knowledge from speech therapy with scientific evidence from linguistics, an interesting gap is struck between practice and theory.

The experiences from my study focus on the treatment of adults with neurological disorders or mental and / or (severe) multiple disabilities. During my studies I worked in youth care. On a daily basis I was involved with young children who (among other things) had language and speech problems. I worked closely with parents, teachers and other involved disciplines. I would now like to bundle my knowledge together to continue as a speech therapist.
I think it is very important that both children and adults with a request for help can quickly contact professionals. TinyEYE makes this possible by offering online speech therapy. I also like to keep up with new developments and I am an advocate of innovation. In summary, TinyEYE is the ideal place for me to get started!

I am an entrepreneurial type of person with a positive and enthusiastic attitude. Relaxation from time to time is important to me. I do this by going out into nature with my dog, I like to pick up a good book or do I visit family and friends to enjoy a good meal. From there I get healthy energy again to be able to focus on both personal and professional growth.

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