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Hello! I'm Faira Hanif.

Born and raised in Amsterdam, but of Pakistani descent.
Since childhood I have spoken three languages; Urdu, Dutch and English.
I also went to the speech therapist for help. I had a language delay and articulation problems.
When I look back now I realize what improvements speech therapy has brought in my life.
I have come so far in life because of one year of speech therapy help and this has motivated me to become a speech therapist myself.
I think everyone who needs speech therapy help should get it.
I love children, get along well with them and if I can help them improve their speech on top of that then I am super happy.

I don’t only want to help children, I also want to be able to help elderly people who have, for example, aphasia or other kind of neurological disorders.
That’s why I want to specialize in Neurolinguistics after the four-year college degree.

Of course, I still have three years to go before I am officially a speech therapist.
Only, I found it such a shame that I had to wait so long before I could apply my knowledge.
Then TinyEYE came to take a look at my life, they offered me something I couldn’t say no to.
I get to work as an Assistant Speech Therapist while still going to school. So this means that I can already apply my learned knowledge and keep learning, this is why I am here.
I am a second year student of the Speech Therapy program at Windesheim University of Applied Sciences in Almere. Last year was the most instructive and fun school year in my life.
I learned a lot of new things. TinyEYE has given me the opportunity to put all this theory into practice and to develop myself further.

I am creative, communicative and very flexible. With these qualities, as a Speech Therapist Assistant I can support my colleagues at TinyEYE well and build a good relationship with my clients. I am confident that in the coming months I will be able to offer everyone the help they need.

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Are you studying speech therapy and do you already want to work as a speech therapy assistant? Do you love innovation? Are you expressive and fond of children and older people? Then you might be the new speech therapy assistant we are looking for

Hello! My name is Suzan.

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