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Hello! I'm Ilayza Tromp.

I am from Aruba and I moved to the Netherlands in 2018 for my education.  In 2019 I started my studies in for my bachelor’s degree in speech therapy at Hogeschool Rotterdam. Speech therapy appealed to me because when I was little, I was a member of a theater club in Aruba, Mascaruba. I played several plays including Little Red Riding Hood and Anansi the Spider.  Here I learned a lot about the voice and breathing and articulation. A speech therapist also works with this, I found that very interesting. This is how I decided I wanted to become a speech therapist. After my internships it became clear that my interests lie with neurological disorders, I find it fascinating how the brain works. I also find multilingualism and sign language very interesting.

I was raised multilingual, the languages I speak are Dutch, Papiamento, English, and Spanish. Communication brings people together, if someone has difficulties with that, it can be very difficult. With TinyEYE I hope to be able to offer a helping hand and I am grateful for that.

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Are you studying speech therapy and do you already want to work as a speech therapy assistant? Do you love innovation? Are you expressive and fond of children and older people? Then you might be the new speech therapy assistant we are looking for.

Hello! My name is Mila.

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