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TinyEYE offers children of all ages the opportunity to receive speech therapy in the comfort of their own environment or at school. Online speech therapy makes the therapy independent of time and location. Bad weather and distances are no longer relevant. You don’t have to travel to the speech therapy practice with your child after work anymore! Our Speech and Language Therapist/Pathologist (SLP) connects with you and your child through TinyEYE. All you need is a computer and an Internet connection.

How does it work?

You will receive a personal access code with which you and your child log into the software. You will meet the SLP in a live audio / video connection with a series of games, which will be adapted to the level and needs of your child. Your child plays games with the SLP while they work on the speech and language development. After each session of 15 to 20 minutes, the SLP will assign homework to your child’s backpack. In the backpack you will find homeworkexercises which have been selected by your SLP. Through the online homework module, you and your child can practice at home in a playful and fun way. You will find written instructions and video messages from the SLP with every exercise. Your SLP is available 24/7!

Online safety

All TinyEYE sessions are provided in a safe and secure online environment. You have your own password, which gives you access to the software and the homework backpack. All TinyEYE SLPs are registered therapists and work according to the latest standards.

Practicing with games

SLPs who work with TinyEYE make speech and language therapy more fun by using the over 200 interactive learning games in TinyEYE. The SLP chooses games which are suitable for your child’s age and interests. Together they practice in a playful way.

What are the costs?

The costs of the services of our professional SLP’s depend on the language in which therapy is required, and on the number of languages simultaneously required. We will bill you directly, and you can claim the costs of the therapy through your health insurance company if (online) speech therapy is covered by your insurance. The homework backpack is free and the games can be played as often as your child wants to!

How can you start?

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