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TinyEYE school speech therapy

School-age children can face a variety of communication problems. Some children have difficulties pronouncing certain letters/sounds and words,  have a language delay or disorder,  stutter or have voice problems. All of these problems can have a big impact on their performance in school and their self-confidence. A Speech and Language Pathologist/Therapist (SLP) can help by supporting these children through speech and language therapy.

TinyEYE offers online speech and language therapy for schools. Children with medical indications can receive speech and language therapy at school, under the supervision of a specially trained e-Assistant. The duration of a therapy session is short; therapy sessions can be planned to fit in with the child’s schedule. The SLP maintains close contact with the parents and the teacher of the child.


For children with a language delay without a  medical reason we offer customized Apps. The children work with the App individually or in a group. The TinyEYE SLP creates these Apps on request of the teacher. The strengths of the TinyEYE Apps lies in the language games and the supporting video messages from the SLP.

How can you start?

  • Please click  here  to contact us. We will listen to your wishes and will make a proposal that meets your situation.
  • As a part of this proposal, we will either provide you with a TinyEYE SLP, or we will look for and train a local SLP for you. We will also train your  e-Assistants, who will supervise the children during the sessions or during practice.


The film above is an example of TinyEYE applied in a Dutch school environment  

Principal Bert Scheper (cbs ‘De Brug’  Klazienaveen, The Netherlands) chose to work with TinyEYE.
“Now that the groups are as large as 33 children per classroom, there is not much space for teachers to attend to additional tasks. However we do wish to provide quality services to children in need. In cases like this I look to new technologies and different approaches which might help us. I heard of the possibility of online speech therapy provided by TinyEYE Europe, and contacted Elisa Gielen. She showed me the possibilities: excercises that are adapted to the needs of the child, online support and a realistic treatment plan. After a short explanation the child can get started. The parents and teachers can join the session at any moment and see how the session goes.
Our children with special speech and language needs have been receiving speech and language therapy from TinyEYE SLPs since 2011. We are so satisfied with the services that we have this year bought a license for the sixth year running.”



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