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Amazing Anne !

24 FEBRUARY 2022

Dear Elisa Good day. Thank you for the support that the TinyEYE team has been providing for us. My little boy was refusing to be open to Dutch, hence the Youth doctor recommended us to try TinyEYE as it was online and we would have a higher chance of getting help sooner than a physical logopedie. We have been with TinyEYE for about 6 months or so now, and have gone through many good therapists. Other than being not so open to Dutch language, my son is very active and has very limited attention. However, Ms Anne Standing has been super amazing with my son. She really comes up with so many amazing ways to keep his interest and attention such as doing her own videos, outside lesson hours, for him to watch to learn Dutch, coming up with his favorite cartoon 'game' with her own PowerPoint, signing him up for Squla etc etc. I could go on about how amazing and how much effort Anne has put in. This really helps my boy stay focused during the practice session and maintains his interest with Anne for his Tuesday practice sessions, which is not easy especially since it was not face to face and its at 4pm, after a long day in school. Not everyone makes the effort that Anne does and I just want to take this opportunity to express my appreciation and thankfulness for this wonderful lady. I truly hope Anne continues to stay with TinyEYE. We really love her! We appreciate all the help and support TinyEYE and all your team have given us. Thank you and wishing you all a great Spring holiday ahead!

Hello! My name is Mila.

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