Speech therapy for schools or institutions

Our composite package, tailored specifically for schools and educational institutes, provides a robust solution to support school-age children who grapple with language or speech difficulties. Through our online speech and language therapy program, children attending primary or secondary school or homework institutes can engage in focused and efficient sessions dedicated to enhancing their speech and language skills. One of the notable benefits of our speech therapy program for schools and institutes is the absence of waiting lists. Your students can get started immediately on their path to improved communication. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us to kickstart this valuable journey!

This is how it works.

Do you notice a delay in language development in a school child? Or does a child benefit from speech therapy for stuttering? TinyEYE is the online solution that gives children live support with their language development and other challenges in their own (school) environment. In addition, they can practice unlimited themselves with speech-language games. Each speech and language game that is offered is adapted to the level of the child. In this way, children learn speech and language in a playful way with visual support. With TinyEYE, children can receive speech therapy under the supervision of a trained e-assistant.

TinyEYE schoolservice

TinyEYE for language development.

TinyEYE as an aid in a child’s language development has many advantages:

  • ✔ The therapy duration per session is short (15 to 20 min.) and can be flexibly planned;
  • ✔ The speech therapist maintains close contact with the child’s parents and teacher;
  • ✔ Parents / carers and the teacher are directly involved in the process;
  • ✔ Transparent cooperation ensures a perfect connection to the request for help.

All of these benefits can positively affect the child’s school performance.

TinyEYE at school.

TinyEYE is perfect for all children in need of speech therapy

The language specialists and speech therapists offer TinyEYE at school, so that the children enjoy support in their language development during school hours. The e-assistant helps the children during a session. Think of aspects such as help with logging in and operating the mouse. The sessions are fully in line with the perception of the child and the level of the child and with the themes that play in the classroom.

TinyEYE at any moment

TinyEYE follows the continuous learning line, making it suitable for toddlers to children in group 8. Besides the regular sessions with the language specialist, the homework module can also be used. This allows children to practice with their own speech and language games anytime, anywhere, which benefits their language development. Children can also contact the online language specialist for multilingualism.

Is TinyEYE speech therapy covered by the medical insurance ?

TinyEYE’s online support in language development for school children is fully reimbursed by any health insurance company. So there are no costs for the parent and the school.

Start now with TinyEYE.

Would you like to register a schoolchild for online speech therapy through TinyEYE Europe? Then you can register him or her through the digital registration form. We will contact you soon.

Speech therapy for school

TinyEYE has developed an online teaching method with speech therapy for school that teaches a child to solve communication problems. Our online spech therapists do this in consultation with parents and the educational institution. For children with a multilingual background, it is also possible to follow the speech therapy for school in another language. Including: English, Spanish, Turkish, French, German, Afrikaans, Arabic, Polish, and Ukrainian.

Speech Therapy in primary school

To prevent problems later in life, speech therapy at primary school is an effective and reliable method to help children with oral communication problems. Speech therapy in primary school, for example, is a pleasant support for young children to be able to express themselves better through exercises with sounds and words. Communication at home, but also with classmates and the teacher will then be a lot easier.

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