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Speech therapy scan with the TinyTaalTool.

TinyEYE's speech therapy scan offers early identification of speech and language problems followed by tailor-made speech therapy for primary school students. Do you, as a teacher, have concerns about the language development of your students? Then our speech therapy scan offers a solution. The scan signals any delays in language, speech, voice, and motor skills. If speech therapy is advised,  the scan results are put together to create a treatment plan, or: tailor-made speech therapy.

This is how TinyEYE's speech therapy scan works.

For long-term success, tailor-made speech therapy is essential. The TinyEYE speech therapy scan provides the tools for an effective treatment plan. The scan is for ages 4 to 5 years. TinyEYE’s speech therapists carry out the scan online and are therefore able to identify speech therapy problems at an early stage and provide tailor-made speech  therapy. The scan takes approximately 12 minutes per student and is carried out during school time.

Service logopediescan

The Tiny Taal Tool as instrument to perform the scan.

The TinyLanguageTool has been developed to detect problems with a child’s speech or language development  early on. The TinyLanguageTool is applied online by a certified TinyEYE specialist who screens whether the child has reached the required, minimal milestones in his or her language development.  The scans take place via the TinyEYE software, to identify where the bottlenecks in speech and language development lie, and makes the process of early signaling more efficient. At the end of the speech therapy scan, the results are made visible in the TinyTaalTool in the form of a score and pre-diagnosis. The pre-diagnosis also indicates which child has the most urgent need for care in terms of speech and language.

This is what the speech therapist pays attention to.

Tailor-made speech therapy

In order to offer tailor-made speech therapy, the speech therapist pays attention to a number of aspects during the scan that can be divided into various categories. The speech therapist pays attention to:

✓ Language (eg sentence building, understanding language, vocabulary, working memory);

✓ Speech (eg pronunciation of sounds, speech intelligibility, speech fluency);

✓ Voice (eg hoarseness, loudness, loss of voice);

✓ Oral habits (eg thumb sucking, open mouth breathing, lip tension, mobility).

After the speech therapy scan, the speech therapist discusses the scan results with the teacher. The school will also receive a comprehensive report with the results per child, an advice from the speech therapist, and a summary of the conversation that took place with parents.

Get started.

When tailor-made speech therapy is recommended, children can be treated online by TinyEYE Europe. For families who have Dutch health insurance, the costs of the therapy are fully covered. Parents who do not have Dutch health insurance for their child must pay for the therapy themselves. Afterward, they can always request reimbursement from their health insurance company themselves.

You will have the results and follow-up within 5 steps!

1. Informing

Once your school has purchased the Tiny Taal Tool, you  will receive the school login details and a short manual about the tool.

– Parents give consent for the online scan.
– Speech therapists register their availability.

2. Planning

Students are registered by the school coordinator, and together with TinyEYE coordinator, schedules the scans.

Teachers and parents complete short questionnaires before the scans.

3. Scan

De scan is carried out online by the TinyEYE speech therapists.

4. Reports

speech therapist deliver reports through the school’s dashboard in the tool

  • Reports for parents
  • Reports for the school coordinator
  • Reports for the school director

Coloured pie diagrams communicate how students have scored

5. Follow up

Students who score red or orange are referred for speech therapy examination and treatment

Bij leerlingen met een groene uitslag wordt logopedie niet geadviseerd. Het kind scoort voldoende op alle taalonderdelen van de scan.

Language problems are addressed.

What is speech therapy?

Are you asking yourself: what exactly is speech therapy and how can it help me or my child with speech and language problems? Then our telespeech therapists are happy to explain to you how we work and how this contributes to solving or reducing the complaints. What is speech therapy and how it is used differs per person. Therefore, please contact us if you want to know more about (tele) speech therapy.

Speech therapy scan

Our speech therapy screening can also be requested for various sizes of groups, up to a group of 30 children (minimal). For example, schools and institutes can even request a scan for an entire class of at least 30 children. TinyEYE offers various packages for this in the form of the TinyTaalTool – speech therapist scan. Request this speech therapy screening today if you want to quickly map out the status of the oral communication of a group!

Start with TinyEYE

Do you want speech therapy tailor made to your school’s requirements ? Do you want to know more about the online speech therapy requirements of your pupils? Register your  school with TinyEYE Europe. You can do this using our online contact form. We will contact you soon after we receive your inquiry.



  • Minimum 5 students
  • 1 scan per child
  • Scan by a professional
  • Initial and final reporting

€ 430,- per group of 5

10% discount for each additional student up to 10 students



  • 10 to 29 students
  • 1 scan per child
  • Scan by a professional
  • Initial and final reporting

€ 593,- per group of 10

10% discount for each additional student up to 30 students



  • Minimum 30 students
  • 1 scan per child
  • Scan by a professional
  • Initial and final reporting

€ 1.350,- per group of 30

10% discount for each additional student


All prices exclude VAT


Online speech therapy treatment

Based on the result of the Speech Therapy Scan.

Costs are declared through the health insurer

Request an extra group scan

5% off on the standard prices mentioned above

Extra Scan for 1 student

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