For speech therapists.

TinyEYE is speech therapy software created and designed by speech therapists, for speech therapists. The speech therapist using the software is in charge and decides on the therapy goals and which games to use. Our speech therapy software helps you work a lot easier, faster, but above all: TinyEYE makes it possible to offer variation in the therapy for your client.

Safe and

TinyEYE Europe provides a diverse range of targeted treatments in online speech therapy. For (multilingual) children, but also for adults with speech and language problems. We provide therapy that is very efficient for each client. We do all this through our modern, digital speech therapy software. What’s the advantage of telepractice? The client has access to a safe learning environment anytime and anywhere. Our homework module makes learning dynamic and entertaining for children, but also for adults and the elderly. In addition to the help we provide, TinyEYE Europe has a coaching program that trains our new colleagues to become professional online speech therapists.

This is how
it works.

We are constantly improving our services. That is why our TinyEYE software has been updated! The new version of our TinyEYE speech therapy software, Monarch, is an advanced and user friendly program with all the treatment content you need. As a speech therapist, you can give free rein to your creativity in a secure environment. You are in control. Children jump for joy when the speech therapist opens a TinyEYE game and adults also react enthusiastically. As a speech therapist, you are always connected with your client and you can work together in the online live therapy room. Do you want to share your screen or show a YouTube video to your client? This is all possible in the Monarch treatment room. All in one beautiful package and completely modernized. Use Monarch for high-quality online speech therapy!

Discover more.

TinyEYE offers more than you are used to

TinyEYE offers more than just speech therapy exercises. In addition to the fun and responsible online speech therapy with digital games and game sets, TinyEYE’s speech therapy software also includes:

✔ Digital medical files;
✔ A calendar;
✔ A therapy plan;
✔ A homework module that allows clients to practice intensively at home.

You can also use our TinyEYE speech therapy software to create automatically generated reports and share them with the click of a button.

The homework module from TinyEYE

Regular practice at home is an important requisite for successful speech therapy. TinyEYE makes practicing at home a lot more appealing and easy for the client. The homework module also offers many advantages for the speech therapist:

✔ You can give exercises as homework with the click of a button;
✔ You have the option to leave messages and (instruction) videos for the client;
✔ You can monitor how often the games are played;

We believe that through this homework module, clients are more likely to achieve speech therapy goals faster.

What others think about it.

”Working with our renewed TinyEYE system is great! Both my clients and I are very satisfied with how the system works. The quality is amazing!” – Lisette.

”In Monarch, I can see and hear the clients clearly. Everything works very nicely :)” – Nienke. 

”The image and sound work very well, I don’t need Skype anymore and that’s really nice!” -Valeria.

Start now with TinyEYE.

To work with our speech therapy software, you need a modern computer with a fast internet connection, a headset, and a webcam. In addition, it is essential to sign an agreement with us that enables you to work with TinyEYE. You must first follow one of our training courses.

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