We are for everyone
needing speech therapy in English. And
other languages too.

In 2009 Paul and Elisa were introduced to Marnee Brick and her brother Greg Sutton, the founders of TinyEYE Canada. In Canada, it is very common for speech therapists to work via online speech therapy (teletherapy) and the approach of TinyEYE Canada appears to be very successful. Paul and Elisa were impressed by the program and decided: “The Netherlands should also get to know this”. TinyEYE Europe has now adapted the software of the Canadian exercise program for the Dutch market in collaboration with an expert team consisting of linguists from the University of Groningen. Over the past 10 years, TinyEYE Europe has further expanded the content in the TinyEYE software and made it suitable for multiple languages.

You really grow
when you develop in freedom.

TinyEYE Europe provides a versatile range of targeted treatments in (multilingual) online speech therapy. For children, but also for adults with speech and language problems. We provide the therapy that is the most efficient for you. We do it through our modern, digital software. The advantages? Anytime, anywhere access to your safe learning environment. Our homework module makes learning dynamic and entertaining. You always have authority over your treatment. We believe that you really grow if you can develop yourself in freedom. You are in control.

Meet the TinyEYE Europe Team.

Teams who deliver speech therapy in other languages.

Making a difference and giving attention to that what matters.

We believe that everyone with speech and language problems should be given the perspective to work on themselves. TinyEYE helps them with that. The more widely we distribute our services, the more people we can help. In the coming years we want to further expand our team. We join more of the 6,000 primary schools in the Netherlands – and abroad; We also want to be able to make a difference for young and old across the border. What is that difference? Making an impact with attention to quality care. Passion for equal opportunities when entering society. We do this by offering appropriate support, but also by being progressive in our treatment plans. Determined to innovate: that’s how we continuously improve our therapy.

Hello! My name is Suzan.

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