Hello! My name is Lucía Chicana.

Having grown up in Mexico with foreign parents, I was able to experience all kinds of cultural and sociolinguistic clashes from a very young age. I was interested in languages, cultures, and functional diversity. When reading the biography of Helen Keller, in addition to feeling admiration for her, I felt a deep respect for her teacher. Until that moment, I had never thought about disability.

Later, torn between Graphic Design (to write and illustrate stories for children) or Special Education, I discovered Speech Therapy (logopedics, language therapy…) and was able to integrate both worlds by personalizing materials and working with patients.

The year before studying in Spain, I worked as an English teacher in a school with inclusive education for disabilities, which increased my curiosity about Speech Therapy and the difficulties arising from bilingualism.

During my internship in the degree program (social service), I was in a Special Education School, and it was fantastic. I learned how to work with patients and to celebrate with them from the smallest progress to the significant changes (all equally important). Later on, I was fortunate to work in a Speech Therapy and Physiotherapy clinic, delving into the world of holistic, postural, myofascial, and play-based treatment. Currently, in addition to treating patients and continuing my education, I volunteer in Special Education schools to identify needs and keep growing as a professional and as a person.

TinyEye is a platform that is going to revolutionize speech therapy to make it more accessible and practical for everyone. I think I speak for the entire team when I say that in-person interactions are beautiful, but digital platforms offer many resources for working with people in their own personal and safe space. No one should be deprived of speech or communication.

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