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Are you concerned about your toddler's language development, or do you have an older child with a speech or language delay? TinyEYE offers children of all ages the opportunity to receive speech and language therapy, in the comfort of their home environment or at school. TinyEYE telepractice supports and ensures good language development in children. With TinyEYE's online speech therapy service, your child and the speech therapist connect live, which means traveling is no longer necessary. All you need is a laptop with a webcam and internet and we take care of the rest!


TinyEYE speech therapy is at your service for the treatment of speech and language difficulties in children, (young) adults and the elderly.  TinyEYE's online speech therapy service allows you to receive live online speech therapy in the comfort of your own home environment. This makes traveling to a speech therapy practice no longer necessary. What do you need for TinyEYE? A computer with webcam and Wi-Fi. We take care of the rest! 

Director of a school or institution

School-age children can face all sorts of difficulties in language development and communication. Some children have:

  • Difficulty with the pronunciation of sounds and words;
  • Delayed language development or language disorder;
  • Vocal problems or stuttering; 
  All this can have a major impact on the child's school performance and self-confidence. TinyEYE offers schools and institutes online speech therapy. The language specialists and speech therapists offer the online TinyEYE sessions at school so that the children can enjoy language development support in their learning environment. The e-assistant helps the younger children during a session with logging in and operating the mouse. The sessions are entirely in keeping with the experience and level of the child. Classroom themes are used during the speech therapy sessions and tailored support is provided to solve these difficulties for the child. 

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TinyEYE Europe gives you, as a professional speech therapist, the opportunity to run your own online speech therapy practice. As a speech therapist affiliated with TinyEYE Europe, you decide when you want to work and from where. In short, you get all the space you need for your passion and 100% online experience as a speech therapist. Together we build an international network of experts like you, that heralds a new era for speech therapy.

The TinyEYE software. This is how TinyEYE supports you as a speech therapist

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In her work as a speech therapist, Elisa Gielen saw that more and more waiting lists started to arise within speech therapy. She also noticed problems in adherence and homework among clients. Together with engineer Paul Jenkins she searched for a solution, which they eventually found in Canada. In 2009, Paul and Elisa were introduced to Marnee Brick and her brother Greg Sutton, the founders of TinyEYE Canada. In Canada, it is very common for speech therapists to work via online speech therapy (telelogopedics) and the approach of TinyEYE Canada is very successful in meeting the needs of the population…

B.B. says


Being able to have my daughter's development of her Dutch speech- and language skills stimulated while living abroad in Italy, through fun online face-to-face interaction, education and games - great that this is possible!

Elke says


My pinched voice made me difficult to understand for others who thought my voice was strange. This made me feel more and more insecure. I was looking for a solution and I found it at TinyEYE's online speech therapy. I have really been helped. Highly recommended!

Bert says


We started  with TinyEYE in 2012 at primary school De Brug in Klazienaveen, in order to be able to adequately treat children who have a language deficiency. We  agreed to just start with speech therapist Anouchka from TinyEYE. This can be done under the guidance of the teacher or a "TinyEYE mom or dad" - a parent who can provide support in using the program. After all these years we can say we are very pleased with the impact of engaging with TinyEYE"s speech therapists; we see how the  speech- and language development of the children has really improved!



We now offer online speech therapy for Ukranian refugees! Read more. 🇺🇦

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