Hello! I'm Larisa Osipjan.

Hello, Hi, Բարեւ, 你好!

My name is Larisa. I have a strong love for speech and language, and I am passionate about providing the right support when problems arise in this area. This is why I became a speech therapist. My approach includes customized treatment; I like to listen and think together with you. This can be as a client with speech problems, language problems, or voice problems.

As a multilingual individual with knowledge of Dutch, Armenian, English, German, and Mandarin, I understand the complexities of multilingualism and use these languages as needed during treatments. As a future sinologist, I enjoy working with Chinese speakers. I can see nuances in both Dutch and Mandarin, and although my expertise is primarily in Dutch, I can also use my knowledge of Mandarin to promote speech and language development.

When speaking no longer comes naturally, I am happy to think with you and together we will determine what is needed to get up to level and find the joy in speaking again!

Hallo, Hi, Բարեւ, 你好 !





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