Hallo! I'm
Valeria Maslova.

I work accurately, solution-oriented and have a high sense of responsibility. I like to take on new challenges and always want to develop myself in my profession. My character can be described as open, friendly and empathetic. In my daily life I like to be outdoors and active. I like running, walking in the woods, music and dancing. I like to give speech therapy in Dutch and English.

I chose speech therapy because it is a very versatile profession. As a speech therapist you work with different people, young and old, each with his or her own problems. As a result, not one day is the same and you will always be faced with new challenges. I am motivated and driven to get the most out of the treatment to help the client.

Throughout my internship and work experience, I have gained a lot of knowledge and experience in the field of articulation, speech, language, voice and deviant mouth behavior. I have given speech therapy to children from 2 to 18 years old in the past.

I believe that online speech therapy is a great development. Nowadays we are all so busy working and maintaining social contacts. Online speech therapy offers people the opportunity to combine speech therapy with their many daily activities. I am convinced that online speech therapy has a bright future.

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