Hello! I'm Mieke Bessems. (pronunciation Mee-ka)

Welcome! I am a speech and language therapist. I love to help and coach people, especially expats who are now living in the Netherlands. I was an expat for five years in San Diego (US) and I experienced how it is to live in another country with a different culture. Therefore I love to coach expats and their children, as well in the Dutch language as in the Dutch culture. My focus is on the language, but also on how to start a conversation, and how to present yourself to other people etc.

I also see children who are still learning the Dutch language, to build a Dutch vocabulary and syntax. I love to make a plan together with you, so I can help you in the way you want it, so it will work for you.

Other than coaching I also help people with their speech problems, such as articulation and communication.

I hope to welcome you soon!!

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