Hello! I'm
Amber Kaelen.

I am a Dutch speech therapist, living in Ecuador. I moved to this side of the world because I love helping others. For that reason, I spend a lot of time doing different types of voluntary work.

When I first went to Ecuador to do voluntary work, I didn’t speak a lot of Spanish. I learned that it’s horrible not being able to express yourself as you’d like to. This experience gave me even more motivation to help people with speech and language difficulties. I also did one of my internships in Ecuador, at a school for children with severe multiple disabilities. This experience gave me a profound impression that I will never forget. After that I also did an internship at a treatment group for children with Developmental Language Disorder (DLD). I noticed that this work makes me passionate and gives me energy.

Languages have always fascinated me. Therefore I learned a lot of English and made many English-speaking friends. I’ve been speaking Spanish every day since 2016. That’s why I can say that I am completely fluent in this beautiful language. I love to give therapy in Dutch, English and Spanish. All three languages are special in their own way.

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