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Hello! I'm Preeti Nandapurkar

My name is Preeti Nandapurkar and qualified Speech and Language Therapist. I am from India but currently living in Belgium since 2018. I speak English, Hindi and Marathi. I also speak Dutch for communication purpose. I have a Masters Degree in Speech language pathology and Audiology from Mumbai, India. I have
also completed my Advanced Masters in Deglutology from Leuven, Belgium. I have over 6years of experience in this field treating Adults and children in hospital and private clinical set-ups.

I am working as online therapist since 2021. My expertise lies in treating adults as well as children. In pediatric population i am experienced in treating children with developmental delay in speech and communication, articulation disorder, stammering disorder and feeding disorders whereas adults with neurological speech disorders such as aphasia, dysarthria etc. I am very passionate about my work and like the way speech therapy makes difference in peoples
life at a very basic level which is communication. Being a mom to a to a 3year old daughter, I am also empathetic towards parents who want to provide everything to make life better of their children.
I also feel with modernization of technology and with online therapy it has become very easy to provide my services worldwide based on individual needs. I also get a chance to work in all different languages I have learnt.

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