Hallo! I'm Sham Sarbast.

July 2023, I proudly stood at the beginning of my career as a speech therapist. My college years were filled with exciting discoveries and valuable experiences, especially during my internships.
During my education, I had the opportunity to explore different facets of the speech therapy profession. One notable period was my internship in special education, where I immersed myself in understanding and addressing Language Developmental Disorders (TOS). Here I discovered the impact of targeted speech therapy interventions on this specific target group.

In addition to my experience in education, I spent time in various speech therapy practices. Here I encountered a variety of speech and language challenges, and had the opportunity to apply effective treatments. My affinity for working with children stood out, as I enjoyed their enthusiasm and willingness to learn.

Although my focus was primarily on children, I decided to broaden my horizons by gaining experience with adults as well. This opportunity offered new insights and enriched my skills as a speech therapist.

My enthusiasm for my profession also led me into the digital realm. For more than two years, I engaged in online speech therapy, experiencing the benefits of this modern approach. Recently, I started a new chapter at TinyEYE, where I will further develop my expertise as a speech therapist. This will allow me to combine my passion for communication with the possibilities of technology, to support people worldwide with their communication needs.

I look confidently to the future as a speech therapist, with a solid foundation in both knowledge and practical experience. My goal is clear: to help people, young and old, and promote effective communication, both in person and digitally.

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