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I am a German speech therapist, living in Canada. I moved to Atlantic Canada because of my partner but also because I could always picture myself living abroad and making new experiences in life.

In 2021, I completed my training-integrated Bachelor's degree at the SRH University of Applied Sciences for Health on the Heidelberg campus and have been a passionate speech therapist ever since. I work with people of all ages and enjoy my varied and exciting job every day!

I have primarily worked in speech therapy practices and in hospitals, mainly on the stroke unit and in early rehabilitation, in Germany and in Canada. Throughout my time working in different settings in Canada, having worked as part of an early supported stroke discharge team and as a research assistant, working closely together with many speech therapists and an interdisciplinary team, I have gained a lot of knowledge and experience in the diagnosis and treatment of neurological disorders. For the most part, I’ve treated Dysphagia, Aphasia, Apraxia of speech and
Dysarthria. I also worked in the treatment of specific language impairments (SLI) and developmental speech and language disorders (DLD).

Teletherapy at Tinyeye allows me to pursue my passion and provide you, or your child, with the speech therapy treatment you need, no matter where we are! Having started to learn and speak English when I was 4-year-old and now having lived and worked in Canada, I am confident to give therapy not only in German but also in English.

I am happy about the opportunity to offer speech therapy with more flexibility and make it reachable for all online!

I look forward to meeting you or your child!

Are you a great advocate of speech therapy and love innovation? Are you expressive and fond of children and older people? Then you might be the new TinyEYE online therapist we are looking for.

Hello! My name is Mila.

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