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Nathalie Tilon.

My name is Nathalie Tilon, Dutch speech therapist living and working in Chile. After graduating in the Netherlands, I worked with various groups in a speech therapy practice (language / speech problems, abnormal oral habits and voice problems) and a care center (aphasia, dysphagia and dysarthria).

At the moment I work as a speech therapist, as an English teacher at a Chilean school two mornings a week and on Saturdays as a Dutch teacher at the NTC school De Andes. I studied speech therapy because I enjoy working with people, languages ​​and communication. I myself was raised bilingual (Dutch / Spanish) and I also speak English.

I work as a speech therapist here in three languages, in Spanish, English and Dutch and mainly with children who have language and / or speech problems. As an English teacher I work at the school with children of primary school age and privately with adults. At the NTC school De Andes I first taught for three years in the upper secondary group and now since two years the kindergarten group. This group is particularly interesting as a speech therapist because I work on, among other things, oral language skills (vocabulary / word use), phonemic awareness and alphabetic principle (sound awareness / recognition of symbols and signs) and fluent and intelligible storytelling (forming sentences).

I am communicative, flexible and eager to learn. In recent years I have followed two post graduate courses in speech therapy; diploma in specific language disorders and diploma in special education. In addition, I regularly follow further training for the Dutch school. My last obtained certificate was a Learning Arrangement to become a teacher, this was about class management.

The best thing about my job is that no two days are the same, I enjoy working with both children and adults, I work in the three languages ​​that I master and that also makes it varied. One of the most important skills is being able to communicate effectively, helping clients with this is the best thing there is.

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