Why we do what we do.

Father S. B. says


We approached TinyEYE to help our daughter with pronouncing the 'r' sound. Although our daughter was at times not motivated about having to do these sessions, the instructor Suzan made every effort to engage her and gently guide her learning. I appreciated the structure and progression of the sessions. Despite the challenges of online learning, we managed to achieve our goals in good time and in a playful manner.

Bert says


We started  with TinyEYE in 2012 at primary school De Brug in Klazienaveen, in order to be able to adequately treat children who have a language deficiency. We  agreed to just start with speech therapist Anouchka from TinyEYE. This can be done under the guidance of the teacher or a "TinyEYE mom or dad" - a parent who can provide support in using the program. After all these years we can say we are very pleased with the impact of engaging with TinyEYE"s speech therapists; we see how the  speech- and language development of the children has really improved!

Fam. Van Heuvelen says


Our daughter is very proud when she starts working with the speech therapist. What a fun, playful way to work on her pronunciation!

Fam. Huizinga says


I am very happy with this opportunity. We live abroad, so Dutch speech therapy is only possible via an online method. Our speech therapist was very professional and knowledgeable.

F. van D. says


I really think online speech therapy is a great concept. The first meeting took place live, which was also pleasant for both parties, but after that each session is just serious hard work for the children and in my opinion just as effective as in person in a treatment room. I think it is important that the goals are achieved. Online speech therapy is not without obligation behind the computer and the children also realize this through the approach of the speech therapist. - A happy mother.

Elke says


My pinched voice made me difficult to understand for others who thought my voice was strange. This made me feel more and more insecure. I was looking for a solution and I found it at TinyEYE's online speech therapy. I have really been helped. Highly recommended!

K.F. says


Living in a foreign country, our children only speak Dutch with family members. This makes our use of the Dutch language rather one-sided. Mila helped us identify articulation and vocabulary problems. Our son now has a larger Dutch vocabulary and pronounces his words much more clearly.

B.B. says


Being able to have my daughter's development of her Dutch speech- and language skills stimulated while living abroad in Italy, through fun online face-to-face interaction, education and games - great that this is possible!

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