Summer and Winter Schools

Difficulties with language, reading and spelling can cause problems in daily (school) tasks. Effective support early on is therefore very important! Especially during school holidays. During holidays there is a large chance that children who already have problems will relapse and fall behind. TinyEYE Europe offers online speech therapy during summer and winter holidays to support the children with language, spelling and/or reading problems. And with the TinyEYE games it becomes a fun holiday activity! Interested? Please contact us!

Safe and

All TinyEYE sessions are secured. You have your own password that gives you access to the software and the homework module. All TinyEYE speech therapists are qualified and registered and work according to the latest standards. Speech therapists who work with TinyEYE make speech therapy more fun and complete because they can use more than 200 interactive speech-language games during the sessions. The speech therapist selects games that match the child’s age and perception of the world and they practice together in a playful way.

This is how
it works.

You will receive personal login credentials for you and your child to enter the software. All you need is a laptop with webcam and Wi-Fi. You meet the speech therapist via the TinyEYE sofware with live audio and video connection. Together you practice a range of speech and language games tailored according to the level and needs of your child. After each session of 15 to 20 minutes, the speech therapist places homework in the online homework module. With this module, you and your child can continue practicing the games at home. You will also find written instructions and video messages from the speech therapist. Your speech therapist is available 24/7! The therapy session notes are made available for you after each session. This way you are always informed about your child’s therapy progress.

Start now with TinyEYE.

Do you want to register yourself or someone else, for example, your child or partner for TinyEYE online speech therapy? Then you can register via the digital registration form. We will contact you as soon as possible.

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