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Online speech therapy for Ukrainian refugees

As a result of the war in Ukraine, there are now many Ukrainian children in the Netherlands who need guidance in learning and speaking the Dutch language. In particular, pronouncing the Dutch letters 'g' and 'h' is difficult for them because they do not know these sounds. Good vocabulary and correct pronunciation of the words are the basis of mastering the Dutch language. To make teachers’ jobs easier, TinyEYE speech therapists can help these children learn the language. We do this through online speech therapy and our online vocabulary program. The online program has been put together by our language specialists and is provided online under the guidance of our speech therapists. This makes it easier for Ukrainian children to make contact with Dutch peers, among other things, and to get along better at school.

Start immediately without waiting lists
Online speech therapy for children does not involve any costs for parents or schools, because this is reimbursed from basic health insurance. In addition, at TinyEYE, unlike physical speech therapy, we do not have waiting lists. This allows us to get started with this group of children right away. We offer speech therapy for all ages. With our expertise, we are happy to support and help Ukrainian children. Read more about the possibilities below!

Want to try the online vocabulary program?

You can do that for free!

You can request our free introductory trial program. This consists of four lessons on the theme of ‘animals’. In these lessons, children learn at least 15 new words related to the theme ‘animals’ Request the trial program now!

Why online speech & language therapy?

Some children have more difficulty learning a language than others. In most cases, the Dutch language is still unknown to Ukrainian refugees and differs greatly from their mother tongue. It is therefore important that they become acquainted with the language as soon as possible and master it well so that they can move independently and freely in the country that is new to them.

Not only for educational purposes, but also for their social development and to be able to participate in society. It is difficult to make friends at school without speaking the language other children do speak, especially in groups.

TinyEYE’s online vocabulary program has been scientifically proven to be effective and a very good start for Ukrainian children to learn the basics of Dutch vocabulary.


How do we proceed?

The TinyEYE language specialist works independently and online with special
language games in a fun and playful way to expand the vocabulary.

In a live online session, the TinyEYE speech therapist works with tailor-made
games. In our program, we work individually or in small groups.

Teachers do not have to be present, our speech therapists work independently with the children to expand their vocabulary. The specialists are trained as TinyEYE speech therapists and work online with children with a language delay in terms of vocabulary.

Frequently Asked Questions

What about the costs?

Fortunately, there is a scheme in the
Netherlands for asylum seekers, which also
includes Ukrainian refugees. This ‘special
funding’ can be requested by the school
board. Schools can then choose to engage
TinyEYE in teaching the Dutch language.
In addition to the fact that we have
experienced speech therapists, we make it
easier for the teachers.

Do you also offer services for Ukrainian

Yes, we do. Our speech therapy is suitable
for all ages. Because the Dutch language
contains sounds/letters that Ukrainian
speakers are not familiar with, such as the
‘g’ and the ‘h’ sounds, articulation can be
difficult for this group of people. Our
experienced speech therapists offer online
speech therapy for this group so that they
can more easily participate in society.

Why learn Dutch through TinyEYE and not in primary school?

Primary schools often have a schedule for teaching material and must adhere to it, so that Dutch pupils do not fall behind in their learning. Ukrainian children need extra time and attention because they do not yet master the language. TinyEYE focuses entirely on learning to speak and understand the Dutch language so that Ukrainian refugees can more easily keep up with the regular teaching material. Mastering the language also promotes contact with their Dutch peers.

Why TinyEYE’s online speech therapy?

At TinyEYE we offer speech therapy for both (multilingual) children and adults with speech and language problems in different languages. By having a good command of the Dutch language, communication with others is facilitated and they become more confident.

Because our services are online, you have access to the learning environment anytime, anywhere. Our speech therapists are given a lot of freedom so that they can respond flexibly to what is best for their clients. We believe it is important to approach our clients with a personal approach and stay
innovative. This allows us to continuously improve our therapy.

How do I register someone for speech therapy?

You can easily register via a contact form. This is possible for both clients and speech therapists who wants to become a part of our team. If you have any questions or need more information, please feel free to contact us.

Are you or do you know a speech therapist who speaks Ukrainian?

We would like to welcome new colleagues to our team who can assist us in helping Ukrainian refugees to get better at the Dutch language and Dutch articulation/pronunciation. Join our team today!

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