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Hello! I'm Sham Sarbast.

My family and I moved to the Netherlands when I were three years old. I am from Kurdish descent. From a very age I’ve been speaking multilingual: Kurdish (Sorani), Dutch and English. As I got older, I realized that speech and languages were very interesting to me.

Much later I decided to study for Teaching Assistant. I stood in front of a classroom, and it was a pleasant time as a teacher for children of kindergarten age. What I liked most about this time was the one-on-one contact I had with a student. We would playfully practice with the Dutch language. There was a speech pathologist working at that school. After monitoring the therapist, I knew for certain that, I also wanted to this job. In 2017 I received my diploma for teaching assistant, and I chose to keep on studying.

Therefore I am currently studying for speech and language pathology in Groningen. I am a second-year student. The subject ‘’multilingually” appeals the most to me. This is because I have been raised multilingually.

The Kurdish and Arabic language have a lot of similarities and that is why I will start the course ‘Arabic language and culture’. I find it interesting to do research on the differences of the two languages.

Communicatively I am very strong, besides that I have a sense of humor and I am very flexible. These qualities help me to bond well with clients and help them as much as possible. As a speech and language therapist assistant I can offer support that is necessary within the digital world of TinyEYE

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Are you studying speech therapy and do you already want to work as a speech therapy assistant? Do you love innovation? Are you expressive and fond of children and older people? Then you might be the new speech therapy assistant we are looking for.

Hello! My name is Mila.

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