With whom we are affiliated.

TinyEYE is affiliated with a large number of health insurers. In most cases, online speech therapy is simply reimbursed by your health insurance. If you want, our speech therapists can assist you with it.

Is speech therapy reimbursed?

Is speech therapy included in my health insurance? Will I be reimbursed for speech therapy? That all depends on your health insurance company. TinyEYE Europe has contracts with all health insurance companies in the Netherlands. View the list below to check if your insurance company is listed. Don’t see your insurance company ? Contact us to find out more.

Our partnering insurance companies.

All health insurance companies that reimburse TinyEYE speech therapy services are shown on the right. Are you unsure whether you are entitled to a speech therapy reimbursement or are you curious whether speech therapy is covered by your basic health insurance?

We are happy to help you sort out these questions. Please contact TinyEYE’s Customer Service. Our specialists are ready to work out the compensation together so that you will not be faced with surprises.

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