Are you concerned about your toddler's language development, or do you have an older child with a speech or language delay? TinyEYE offers children of all ages the opportunity to receive speech and language therapy, in the comfort of their home environment or at school. TinyEYE telepractice supports and ensures good language development in children. With TinyEYE's online speech therapy service, your child and the speech therapist connect live, which means traveling is no longer necessary. All you need is a laptop with a webcam and internet and we take care of the rest!

Safe and easy.

All TinyEYE sessions are secured. You have your own password that gives you access to the software and the homework backpack. All TinyEYE speech therapists are quality registered paramedics and work according to the latest standards. Speech therapists who work with TinyEYE’s speech therapy software make speech therapy more fun and complete for the child, because they can use the wide range of interactive practice games that are included in TinyEYE every practice session. The speech therapist selects games that are appropriate for the child’s age and perception of the world and practice together in a playful way. This makes speech therapy fun and unique for children.

Speech therapy for children

You will receive a personal login code and you and your child log in to the software. Here you meet the speech therapist in a live audio and video connection. Within the digital environment of TinyEYE you will find a series of games, adapted to the level and needs of your child. Your child plays these games together with the speech therapist and in this way works on his speech and language development. After each session of 15 to 20 minutes, the speech therapist gives your child tailor-made games and homework in his or her backpack. With the homework module and online speech therapy exercises, you and your child can practice at home, in a playful and fun way. The exercises are provided with written instructions and video messages from the speech therapist. The session notes of the therapy are made available to you after each session. This way you are always aware of the progress of your child’s therapy.

This is what you also should know.

Preverbal speech therapy

“Preverbal” means “mouth functions before speech and language have started.” Think of the basic needs of a child: food and drink. If this doesn’t happen naturally in a child, feeding can become a struggle for parents. TinyEYE’s preverbal speech therapist works with (very) young children and their parents who experience difficulties in this phase.

Problems that you can encounter as a parent

  • “If I give my child a bite of solid food, it will get stuck in the cheek pouches”
  • “My child doesn’t want to eat at night anymore”
  • “My child has to gag every time I give bread”
  • “My child is not swallowing properly while breastfeeding”

Suitable for young children

TinyEYE speech therapists support  language development in children of kindergarten age, and toddlers. For concerns about the development of speech in babies our online speech therapy offers the perfect solution. TinyEYE speech  therapists offer results-oriented speech therapy, giving assistance when there is language delay and speech therapy for swallowing problems. In addition, the preverbal speech therapist helps parents with children who experience difficulties eating or drinking.

At TinyEYE we can provide online consultations where the speech therapist uses the webcam to watch a eating or drinking situation in the home environment. Then she can give tips and advice to improve that situation. Parents can apply the tips and advice at home and another consultation is scheduled to evaluate progress.

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Is speech therapy for children covered by medical insurance?

Online speech therapy for children is in most cases fully reimbursed by your health insurer. 100% for children up to 18 years old. Our speech therapists can help you, if you want, to find out more about the reimbursements by your health insurer.

Also for adults?

Adults and the elderly can also be treated with TinyEYE. We have specialized speech therapists who can help you. Read more here about speech therapy for adults and the elderly.

Start now with TinyEYE.

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