Do you live abroad and are you looking for accessible, online speech therapy for a child, an older person, or yourself? And in any of the languages that TinyEYE can provide speech therapy in? Then TinyEYE's online speech therapy is an excellent solution. TinyEYE's software allows you to receive speech and language therapy at home, in your own environment. What do you need? A computer with a webcam and internet. We'll take care of the rest!

The advantage of TinyEYE abroad.

Chances are there won’t be a speech therapist in your area who provides speech therapy in your specific language. Then TinyEYE’s online speech therapy is ideal.  With our speech therapy software, you can easily receive speech therapy remotely. There is direct contact with the speech therapist via a secure connection and webcam. You can also stay updated on your progress through the online session notes. TinyEYE offers speech therapy in English, Turkish, French, Farsi, Dutch, German, Spanish – with more languages to come. 

TinyEYE service abroad

International speech therapy.

TinyEYE speech therapy improves children’s language and speech development in a playful way. This starts with following live online speech therapy sessions with the speech therapist. With fun, tailor-made games, your child can practice the language in a fun and interactive way. The speech therapist takes notes during the sessions so that you can look back on them afterwards. As a parent, you are well informed about your child’s progress.

Online speech therapy.

Also for adults and the elderly.

Our online speech therapy isn’t just for children, it’s for everyone who needs it. TinyEYE allows you to login with your personal login details and connect with your speech therapist. Your progress during every session and a wide range of exercises are provided by the speech therapist. You stay updated on the progress through the online session notes that are written by the speech therapist.

Start now with TinyEYE.

Do you want to sign up for online speech therapy with  TinyEYE Europe? This can be done via the digital registration form. We’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible. 

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