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TinyEYE for SLPs

This is your  virtual office, your access point to your therapy room where you meet your clients, to hundreds of games and gamesets, digital files, your calendar,  therapyplans and  homework module with which clients can intensively practice at home. You can make automatically generated reports in TinyEYE and share these with caregivers with just a single click.

A webcam and a headset enable the client and the Speech and Language Pathologist/Therapist (SLP) to see and hear each other at a distance. The SLP chooses an exercise which then will be visible on the SLP’s as well as on the client’s screen. Of course the SLP also has the choice to do the TinyEYE exercises with the client sitting in the same room too.


Practicing at home is an important requirement for the success of the speech and language therapy. TinyEYE makes practicing at home more attractive and easy for the client. In our homework module you can assign homework to the client with just a single click. Moreover you can leave messages and (instruction)videos for the client and caretakers. This way you are assured of the client having access to “the right example” even at home. Furthermore you can see how often your clients have done their homework exercises, which gives you a good insight into the frequency of individual practicing. The homework module helps clients achieve their therapy goals faster.

The SLP remains the professional

The TinyEYE software has been developed for and by  SLPs. It is not developed to replace SLP’s, but to support them. As an SLP you determine the goals, you determine which game you are going to play and you determine whether pronunciation is correct or not. TinyEYE enables you to work faster, more easy and to offer variety in the therapy to your client.

Target group

TinyEYE is suitable for children,  for adults, the elderly and people with chronic diseases.

Compensation / Costs for the client

Clients can claim the costs of the therapy through their health insurance company, if (online) speech therapy is covered by their insurance. In the Netherlands online speech therapy (telepractice) is covered by the health insurance.  If you don’t live in the Netherlands other rules might apply to you.

What do you need to start using TinyEYE ?

To start working with TinyEYE, you need a computer with a fast internet connection, a headset and a webcam. Besides that, you need to get access to TinyEYE by participating in one of our trainings. For more information click here.



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