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Hello! I'm Anne Standing.

Communicative, connected, joyful and open. Those key words describe me best, both in my personal life and at work. In my career I find myself ever drawn to activities in which I can support others in their growth and which are related to communication in some way: whether as a university TA, an instructor, a first aider, a mother, a coach or as a speech and language therapy assistant.

After having worked with students for 10 years, I shifted my focus in 2016 to working with (young) children who struggle with (aspects of) communication or language. Because children are dependent, communicative challenges may be more frustrating and intense for them. That is why I am training to become a fully licenced speech and language therapist and why I have mastered NMG (sign supported language, using the signs of the Dutch sign language NGT).

In 2009 I was studying in the UK, when I met my husband. As the rest of my family unit, I am Dutch-English bilingual, so as a speech and language therapy assistant, I provide support to my colleague Speech Therapists in their  treatment in both languages.

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Hello! My name is Mila.

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